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That's me as professional Guitarist ,clicked in recording studio 

I am Pratap Daingade And I am passionate blogger as well as professional musicians. This blog is easiest platform to discuss their musical related quarries like hard to finding proper lyrics without errors and musical tips, download all lyrics in pdf and doc formt without signup process as well as mp3 of songs.

From hobby to profession

3 years ago from today when I was very addicted to internet, I was regular surfing  the stuffs related social media, different software’s, etc. when I was surfing random stuffs I stuck on one advertisement,  like online money making tricks, online advertising, digital marketing, making money through products buying and selling methods. That advertisement is about blogging, that’s how I come to know about blogging and making money through blogging. Without wasting time I tried to learn how blogging work and after one week I create my first blog, that’s how my blogging journey starts. Now blogging include in my daily work routine to solve the problems of our audience. Since I started blogging I get more enough money than my private job so I quit my job and trying to become own boss through the internet. Thats how blogging is become my passion now.

The biggest mistake I done

As I was new in blogging, I tried almost every trending topic and internet related stuffs to blog. At one point when I stuck at the one point like “Domain purchasing and Web Hosting”   I asked for online help through one blogger and that was my biggest mistake, because he was fraud. He gave me wrong information related web hosting and domain purchasing. Took lot of money from my pocket (Almost around 25k-50k Indian currency) as i was eager and excited to collect new information related to blogging, I trusted blindly on that person and that was my first mistake I have every made on the internet. That’s how I made many more small mistakes and collect more experience through it. The bottom line is before trusting people on the internet, be careful and think 100 times before investing money using third party person.

As a professional musician I have experienced lot more problems related proper lyrics and music related material. This blog is dedicated to help you to get all kind text lyrics from Bollywood, Hollywood and different albums. Although, this platform will provide to all ‘beginner musicians’ music related tips, album tracks list and picture. Here you can download all lyrics in the form of PDF and DOC without any signup process also u can download that particular song mp3 by clicking direct link given in article. Here on toplyricstv.com passionate music lovers share their passion and valuable information with each other. U will get music realted all things at one place.

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